Ida lundén is a composer and musician, active mainly in chamber music and electronic music. She was one of the founders of Syntjuntan and was 2011-2013 Composer in Residence at the Swedish Radio P2. Over the last few years she has received attention for her imaginative works for sometimes unusual combinations of instruments like viola and potatoes or bass singers and double basses. She has done installations and solo works for eg the Swedish Academy of Music, Music in Gävleborg and Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation.

Coming up 2016:
26 April 2016 I am holding a lecture and workshop at STDH about Pygostylia.

11 June 2016 Ulrika Gunnarsdotter and me are performing Pygostylia part I at Pushfestivalen in Gävle.

15 June 2016 First performance new piece (title TBA) for Uusinta ensemble at Klangfestival, Copenhagen, Denmark.

15-17 September 2016 Concerts with Hear/Here in New York and Washington.