15 June 2016 First performance new piece (title TBA) for Uusinta ensemble at Klangfestival, Copenhagen, Denmark.

11 June 2016 Ulrika Gunnarsdotter and me are performing Pygostylia part I at Pushfestivalen in Gävle.

26 April 2016 I am holding a lecture and workshop at STDH about Pygostylia.

17 March 2016 20.30 Studio Acusticum, Piteå. First performance of new piece for organ and recorder – variation on Goldberg variations. Kondens – My Eklund, recorder and Lisa Oscarsson, organ.

18 February 2016 19.30 Orgel, Fylkingen, Stockholm. (Orgel/Organ an audio visual exploring of the room in relation to an audience.) Together with Johanna Mårtensson.


29 September 2015 Premiere of Intergalactic Underwater Palace in Umeå, then on tour in Sweden until 15 December. A dance performance by Sebastian Matthias with music by Ida Lundén.

4 September 2015 Here Hear in Tokyo

31 July 2015 Playing Alula from Pygostylia at Norbergfestival.

25-26 April 2015 19.30 Pygostylia – ett fågelperspektiv/Pygostylia – a bird perspective. Premiere! at Fylkingen Stockholm.

13 March 2015 19.30 Smygtitt Pygostylia, Fylkingen, Stockholm.

7-8 March 2015 Here Hear! at Cafe Oto, London.


15 November 2014 15.00 Solo performance organised by Annan Musik at Norrköpings Konstmuseum – Harlekinen.

24 October 2014 13.00 Två om vår samtid – seminar at KMH around the music of Henrik Strindberg and Ida Lundén.

4 October 2014 Ludd is playing during conference about attention at Stockholms Konstnärliga högskola.

18 September 2014 Taking part in panel discussion during Ultima and Nordic Music Days in Oslo.

17 September 2014 18.00 at OCA: Songs My Mothers Taught Me at Ultima and Nordic Music Days in Oslo.

13 September 2014 R at Fylkingen together with VFO.

4 April 2014 R – visiting Härnösand and Nymus.

3 April 2014 R – visiting Sekt and Fylkingen.

27 March 2014 R – visiting Västerås and Nya Perspektiv.

16 March 2014 R – visiting Malmö and C/Y-festival.

15 March 2014 R – visiting my hometown Göteborg! GEIGER-festival.

14 March 2014 R – visiting Luleå and Nordica Jazz & Art Festival.

13 March 2014 Tour premiere in Sandviken! R – a text/sound cooperation between Pär Thörn and myself. A tour organized by RANK.

17 January 2014 Talking and commenting on Art’s Birthday on Swedish Radio P2


20 November 2013 Recording with Konatus at fabulous studio Atlantis, Stockholm.

9 November 2013 First performance of Kitt und Schu, a joint composition together with Andrea Tarrodi. Peärls Before Swïne Experience at Sound of Stockholm, Kulturhuset.

8 November 2013 Performing Vigour to everyone!/Spänst åt alla at Sound of Stockholm, Kulturhuset

18 October 2013 First performance of Susa donker low at Studio 2, Radiohuset, Stockholm. Read review here

1 September 2013 Syntjuntans dag! at Tegen 2, Stockholm.

14 august 2013 18:00 First Swedish performance of Songs My Mothers Taught Me at Stockholms Kulturfestival this time with Beata Söderberg violoncello.

1-8 April 2013 Touring with Syntjuntan to Chicago and Milwaukee.
8 March 2013 Celebrating International Women’s Day at UNESCO, Paris by performing Songs My Mothers Taught Me for the first time together with Hanna Dahlkvist, Violoncello.

2 February 2013 13:30 Radio Theatre Premiere for R in Swedish Radio P1.
8 February 2013 20:00 First japanese performance of Verktum in Tokyo together with Rei Nakamura Piano.

12 January 2013 20:00 Art’s Birthday, Stora Scenen Södra teatern. Premiere for R – a text/sound cooperation between Pär Thörn and myself.


15 December 2012 18:00 Nissanscenen, Halmstad Stadsbibliotek. Playing on my picking hens. Watch the concert here!

December 2012 Releases of two CDs with my music: Alpha Waves (SFZ) with flutist Anna Svensdotter and Krock (fylkingen records)with the guitar ensemble Krock.

24 November 2012 20:30 Kulturhusets Hörsal. Swedish premiere of Verktum at the festival Sound of Stockholm

22 November 2012 First performance of Verktum for pianist Rei Nakamura and myself on electronics at ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany.

22 September 2012 saralunden and I are performing at Klusterfestivalen i Luleå.

1 September 2012 Syntjuntans dag! at Moderna Museet, Stockholm. We will perform on new instruments by Lise-Lotte Norelius and Bengt Carling.

28 June 2012 Duellen i P2. An association-listening-program in real time with Andrea Tarrodi and me.

27-28 June 2012 Sound workshop for kids together with Jonny Axelsson at Båstad Kammarmusikfestival.

27 June 2012 First performance of Noler for viola-player Garth Knox and myself on potatoes and electronics. Båstad Kammarmusikfestival.

11 May 2012 Konatus plays at Fylkingen, Stockholm.

17 March 2012 Recording session with Anna Svensdotter and my piece Hlp! in studio Epidemin.

25 January 2012 CD release of Syntjuntan’s EARLY YEARS – concert and workshop! at Forum (Sigtunagatan, Stockholm).

14 January 2012 First performance of DeDemDom at ABP Södra Teatern. Rei Nakamura Piano, Ida Lundén Electronics.


3 December 2011 Playing with Ikue Mori at Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY

6 November 2011 First performance of my new piece Försäkta! (Concuse me!) will take place at Musikaliska with the fine quartet the Peärls Befor Swïne Experience.

31 October 2011 I will play a set at Club:Ovisation together with guitarist Christian Munthe. Video from the concert here

29 October 2011 Together with my sister I will take part in a Literary event around the book Handlingen (the Story/the Deed) by Sara Mannheimer at Forum, Nutidsplats för Kultur.

21 October 2011 Duo EN.D.E will perform Himmelsschlüsselblumen at Kulturhuset, Stockholm as a part of the festival Sound of Stockholm.

29 September 2011 I will perform at Café Oto during the Sottovoce festival

3 September 2011 Syntjuntans Dag at Kulturhuset Stockholm.

15 May 2011 First performance of Det Klappandet for Brass Band by Öresunds Brassband in Malmö.

3 May 2011 First performance of a new piece for Ivo Nilsson, Jonny Axelsson, 6 players and electronics in a Work-in-prgress concert at Fylkingen.

5 April 2011 Konatus plays at Fylkingen.

12 March 2011 Psykotanten at Gerlesborgsskolan.

10 March 2011 ”Transire” competing in Nijmegen in the Labo competition in Dutch film festival ”Go Short”.

12 February 2011 Syntjuntan at Växjö konsthall. Concert and Workshop.

2-6 February 2011 Syntjuntan in Berlin. Concerts and Workshops.

5 January 2011 Balroynigress and Eric Jeor plays at TV4 Nyhetsmorgon Ida Lundén on keyboards.


3 December 2010 Det brister en sträng is performed by Krock at Clustret, Stockholm.

29 November 2010 Bon Passé and Vad är glädjens svunna lycka? is performed at Kungliga Musikaliska Akademiens Högtidssammankomst. (the Royal Music Academy)

19 October 2010 Konatus plays at Fylkingen.

9 October 2010 the Guitar ensemble Krock performs Det brister en sträng at Teatr Weimar in Malmö.

16 September 2010 Transire at Fylkingen.

14 July 2010 the Guitar ensemble Krock is recording my piece Det brister en sträng.

15-19 June 2010 Syntkollo with Syntjuntan at LAVA, Kulturhuset Stockholm.

27-30 May 2010 Syntjuntan in Bremen. Workshops and Concert at Weserburg Museum.

22-23 May 2010 Psykotanten performs children’s songs by Sara Lundén at Gärdesfestivalen and Rum för barn, Stockholm.

12 May 2010 First performance of Transire. A film by Jöns Mellgren in the ”Tankeväckarprojektet”. Live and recorded music with Ivo Nilsson, Jonny Axelsson and Ida Lundén.

20-21 April 2010 Syntjuntan in Härnösand.

8 March 2010 First Performance of Himmelschlüsselblumen for Duo E.N.D.E. (Patrik Karlsson git., Katarina Widell rec.) at Finnish Church, Stockholm.

19-21 February 2010 Syntjuntan at Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm. Workshops and Concerts.

8 February 2010 First Performance of Hasse och Rune på semester (Hasse and Rune on vacation). Children’s play by Åsa Kentros based on a children’s book by Eva Lindström. Music by Ida Lundén. Performed by Frilansteatern.

4-5 February 2010 Syntjuntan at Borås Textilhögskola. Workshops and Concert.


10 December 2009 Syntjuntan at Studio 53, Stockholm.

6 December 2009 Performance of Rrrp! with the Pearls before Swine experience in Ronneby.

5 December 2009 Performance of Rrrp! with the Pearls before Swine experience in Tingsryd.

4 December 2009 Performance of Rrrp! with the Pearls before Swine experience in Växjö.

3 December 2009 First performance of Rrrp! for the Pearls before Swine experience in Lessebo.

21 November 2009 Syntjuntan at Sensurround Festival, Malmö.

15 November 2009 Syntjuntan at Skottvångs Gruva.

9 October 2009 Geiger festival. First performance of ”Skorrvor” for the finest guitar quartet; David Hansson, Thomas Hansy, Christian Munthe and David Stackenäs.

28, 29, 30 September, 1, 2, 3 October Headphone Concerts on various locations in Västra Götaland during the festival Listen to the World. Ida Lundén moderates the concerts and performs Stjärnelju.

25-26 September Anna Svensdotter performs Hlp! for Flute at the Ambienta rummet at the Book Fair in Gothenburg.
12 September 2009 Syntjuntan will appear at the Kvast network’s one year jubilee in Malmö.

3 September 2009 Premiere for Anna Koch’s film ”En annan paviljong” where I make an appearance with some sounds and walks

August 2009 Tubaist Kjetil Myklebust is recording my new piece ”Trubba!”for a later C-Y Contemporary release.

12 June – 10 August Rehearsing, playing and performing in Cirkus i Glasriket i Kosta. A whole summer in the wonderful Bruno Mathsson houses.

april & may 2009 Working visit in Paris!

26 February 2009 Stockholm Saxophone Quartet are portraying Lise-Lotte Norelius and Ida Lundén at Studio 53

6-20 February 2009 Stay at the FST appartment in Cortona


17 December 2008 kl 18.00 Stjärneljus – Solo concert at Index, Kungsbro strand 19, Stockholm. Sounds of the night, Finnish stars and dark voices.

18 October – 30 November 2008 Composer & Musician in Ma Vie de Detective. Paris and Orleans, France

3 October 2008 8.30 pm at Helsinki Cathedral, crypt. Ensemble Zagros performs Halusin during Nordic Music Days in Helsinki, Finland.

12 September 2008 7.30 pm at Fylkingen. Consert together with Marcus Fjellström, Lise-Lotte Norelius och Mattias Petersson

2 September 2008, 7 pm at Gävle teater. Artists from Idka perform my new piece Bakgrundsljus

8 March – 31 May 2008 Composer & Musician in Mitt liv som detektiv

20 April 2008 Stockholms Akademiska Orkester first performance of Dreamdreams

Spring 2008 Workshops at IDKA, Gävle preparing for my new piece for them.

2 May 2008 at Fylkingen. Anders Emtell performs my solo guitar piece DadoDado